Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Camp Kaitawa

On the 13th of March we drove to Camp Kaitawa, we stopped in Wairoa to have some lunch.  When we got there, we had a talk about the dorms and the rest of the places, then we went to set up our beds. After a snack, we went rock hopping. I slipped over a wet rock after a photo, my polar fleece got wet so I took it off and Judge de Meany carried it for me. It was nice to be in the  front group. We did the pipeline back to camp but we did the pipeline halfway and then we had to bush bash through the bush back to camp, at the end of the track their was a blob of water and mud. 
We went to Lake Wherowhero and did some kayaking, it was fun but Mrs Miller took the photos on guest user and we didn't get photos on Facebook, come on Mrs Miller!


We walked to Lake Waikareiti, some  of the people did the stupid challenge where they put their shoulders under the freezing water  for 40 sec.  I didn't do the stupid challenge but I got in the water that was freezing. 


Today we did Master Chef, first we did pancakes for breakfast, my group got 7 points for that but we think it scored better than what we did because we didn't make them too well because they came out a bit black around the edges because there was no butter. We got 6 points for dinner which was meatballs, potato crisps and noodles. We went to Michael Noonans grave and then we went to this stream that some people jumped, but I didn't want to get wet so I didn't, but Lou jumped it like a mountain goat and it was 


Today we split up in to two groups, one was the caving group and the second group kayaked.  I was in group number 1 so I went caving first.


My favourite thing was:
because I never thought the caves were that big because I have only been in lava caves.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sense karearea
I see Ozzy eating some meat. I love his beautiful black eyes
I smell   some meat, blood and feathers.    
I hear  squawking and Ozzy mmmmmming as he tears the meat up.
I feel Ozzy's heavy weight on my arm.
I think  this falcon is awesome and clever!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

diamante poem

Diamante Poem
WALT entertain the reader - Diamantes are diamond-shaped poems ‘that contrast’ two nouns.
Success Criteria:
Step 1:  Think of two nouns that are complete opposite of each other.  Write one on Line 1 and the other on Line 7.
Step 2:  On Line 2, write two adjectives that describe the noun on Line 1.
Step 3:  On Line 3, write three “-ing” words (verbs) that relate to Line 1.
Step 4:  On Line 4, write a short phrase about line 1 and line 7.
Step 5:  On Line 5, write three “-ing” words (verbs) that relate to Line 7
Step 6:  On Line 6, write two adjectives that describe the noun on Line 7.
Step 7:  On Line 7 you will have your noun that you thought of in Step 1.

Frosty, bright
Skiing, snowball fighting, sledding
Icicles and snowflakes, family holidays
Swimming, suntanning, sweltering
Hot, sunny

Now have a go at writing your own diamante poem.

Predator, grey
Hunting, killing, eating
Hunting all day … wolf’s prey
Grazing, moving, protecting
Brown, powerful
Shinpads, fast
Tackling, shooting, scoring
Practice all day… saving goals
Stopping, standing, sliding
Padded,  gear

Friday, September 2, 2016

Cinquain Poem

Purpose: to entertain
Success Criteria
  1. Subject
  2. 2 adjectives (describing words) to tell about the subject
  3. 3 verbs (interesting doing words) ending in ‘ing’ that also tell about the subject
  4. A phrase to tell about how the subject feels or what it does
  5. A word describing the first line or choose another adjective

Noisy, loud
Speeding, winning, amazing
Fast, super awesome bikes

The learning powers I used were Managing distractions and perseverance because I need to be able to get my work done.

Friday, June 10, 2016

pet P.B.L

My Creature is a Peregrine Falcon.
Some things I needed to consider about my creature:
It needs food, water and space.
A peregrine falcon needs a speed area, feeding area and bed area.
My enclosure has these special features for my pet:
The feeding area for hunting and killing food for it to eat.  
The speed area was for it to practice flying and seeing how fast it can go.
The bed area was for relaxation and breeding.

What I am pleased about: the paint because it was camouflage  with lots of colors.the lid has a hole were it can go in and out.  
the lerning bilding power I uesd is persverins 
What I have found tricky: nothing
next time I need to make it harder
What I would like to improve:
NOT PAINTING! Because it made me not get my p.b.l done.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Camp Omatua

It was fun having a drive in movie for the first time in my life.

It was hard paddling upstream the river.
Mum is helping with the kayaks.


 Omatua stew is yum.                                                                         

Monday, November 30, 2015