Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Camp Kaitawa

On the 13th of March we drove to Camp Kaitawa, we stopped in Wairoa to have some lunch.  When we got there, we had a talk about the dorms and the rest of the places, then we went to set up our beds. After a snack, we went rock hopping. I slipped over a wet rock after a photo, my polar fleece got wet so I took it off and Judge de Meany carried it for me. It was nice to be in the  front group. We did the pipeline back to camp but we did the pipeline halfway and then we had to bush bash through the bush back to camp, at the end of the track their was a blob of water and mud. 
We went to Lake Wherowhero and did some kayaking, it was fun but Mrs Miller took the photos on guest user and we didn't get photos on Facebook, come on Mrs Miller!


We walked to Lake Waikareiti, some  of the people did the stupid challenge where they put their shoulders under the freezing water  for 40 sec.  I didn't do the stupid challenge but I got in the water that was freezing. 


Today we did Master Chef, first we did pancakes for breakfast, my group got 7 points for that but we think it scored better than what we did because we didn't make them too well because they came out a bit black around the edges because there was no butter. We got 6 points for dinner which was meatballs, potato crisps and noodles. We went to Michael Noonans grave and then we went to this stream that some people jumped, but I didn't want to get wet so I didn't, but Lou jumped it like a mountain goat and it was 


Today we split up in to two groups, one was the caving group and the second group kayaked.  I was in group number 1 so I went caving first.


My favourite thing was:
because I never thought the caves were that big because I have only been in lava caves.


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  1. Great job James i liked how you described every thing